Monday, February 5, 2007

home cooking

Since my parents moved into their new home about a month ago, I've been over to eat quite often. Maybe I'm being nostalgic for mom's home cooking, having missed it for the past two years, or just the fact that I'm too lazy to cook at home. Most probably the latter.

On this particular day, my parents and I went for a little jog around Burke Lake and when we got back, mom had prepared this "feast" of a dinner. Tofu stew, spicy octopus, three different kinds of kimchi, and my favorite, japchae. It was wonderful, but like any other dinners at home, I ended up eating too much. As you can see, a typical Korean meal calls for many different side dishes and it's easy to over-eat. (At least for me it is.) And it doesn't help that mom has tons of snacks stashed in the pantry: cookies, cakes, chocolates, and candies. The deadly four Cs that aren't too forgiving on the waistline, nor other parts of my body. So now I'm on my so-called "one-plate" diet. One small plate of food and no seconds. I doubt it will work for long since mom and dad are making jjajangmyun and tangsooyook on Wednesday and I'll be sure to save me a seat at the dinner table; no doubt there!


Siel said...

looks so good!!!!


u are torturing me....;;
this is why i shouldn't come to your site so often....

Yunyoung said...


what can i do?

if only you could smell the food too eh? you'd never come to my site. =P