Sunday, February 18, 2007

eamonn's: a dublin chipper

My five-day weekend started out with a clang. I was taking wine glasses out of the dishwasher in the morning when two of them broke in my hand and I stabbed myself in the left index finger. It was quite a lovely site. I actually stood there watching the blood ooze out thinking the cut would go away if I stared at it long enough. No such luck. (I even contemplated taking a photo of the wound to post but I'd thought I'd spare my reader(s) the gruesome details.)

Despite my injury, and that I was off work that day, I went in for my Friday yoga class. I've come to really enjoy these yoga classes and I think it's due in large part to our instructor, Lisa. But more on yoga later.

For lunch, I took my little brother to Eamonn's in Old Town. Chef Armstrong of Restaurant Eve opened this fish and chips joint in dedication to his son late last year. (You guessed it, Eve is Eamonn's older sister.) Taking up a prime spot right on King St., the chipper is warm and inviting. We picked a spot right next to the fireplace; a bit of warmth from the bitter cold we've been having lately. One downside of sitting there was every time someone opened the door, a biting breeze would creep in and linger.

We had the cod and a large order of fries to share which ended up being plenty of food (and by food, I mean grease) for the two of us. The fish was great, fresh and perfectly cooked; (Do you hear a however coming?) however, it was quite greasy. The batter was a bit thick and doughy. The fries were right-out-of-the-fryer hot, but alas, also greasy. I guess I prefer my fish and chips to be light and crisp. Can you say "Om"? Namaste.

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