Sunday, February 25, 2007

but i don't have any milk

>>Cellphone rings<<
Me: Hi Mommy.
Mom: Are you still in bed?
Me: Uh huh.
Mom: Do you have food at home?
Me: Uh huh. (Confused)
Mom: It's so beautiful outside.
Me: OK. (More confused. The sun wasn't peeking through the blinds, it seemed cloudy to me.) Are you going home from church?
Mom: Yeap. It's a parking lot on the parkway; we're going 10mph.
Me: What? Why?
Mom: It's snowing outside.
Me: What?! (I walk over to the window to see it snowing and the ground is covered with a blanket of snow. At least I had toilet paper at home.)

I didn't want to be cooped up inside so I put on some thermal wear, strapped on my hiking boots, and set out for a stroll. It was actually quite warm outside. Neighborhood kids were sledding on any and every slope they could find, a young lady was cleaning the snow off her car with a purple plastic clothes hanger, and two out-of-towners outside the Extended-Stay were snapping pictures of the snow. I think it was their first time seeing snow; they both had wide grins on their faces like giddy schoolboys. But then again, so did I. I walked over to Barnes and Noble, bought myself a triple grande soy latte and sat down with a few magazines. (And yes, I did purchase a few.) It had started drizzling on my way home. I got back in time to do a bun and thigh workout before sitting down to watch the Oscars. A quiet relaxing day; definitely not looking forward to tomorrow.

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