Monday, February 19, 2007

happy birthday GW!

The George Washington Birthday 10K. I really didn't want to run this race, but I had suggested to mom that we run it and the only way to get myself out of it was to get her not to run, but she wouldn't budge. (I know, I'm a sleazy cheapskate!)

So we geared up Saturday morning and headed to the AMC theatre in Alexandria. A pretty good turn out: the DJ was jamming out some good tunes, runners decked out from head to toe prepared to face the cold, and mom was stretching like a mad woman next to me while I frantically looked for an empty spot to warm-up on the other side of the lobby.

8:30 AM, Starting Line: The weather wasn't too bad actually; the sun helped with the chill. I knew that they had altered the course due to the icy conditions on parts of the bike path, but when the front runners started coming back down Eisenhower Ave. 10 minutes into the race, I got confused. This couldn't be right, could it? Was this going to be a 5K? They turned us around after 2.5K and it wasn't until I got back to the starting line did I realize they were making us run back up for another loop. All in all, it went well. My goal was to get in under one hour and my "official" race time clocked 56:24.

Next race: The DC Road Runners Burke Lake 12 K on March 11.

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