Tuesday, January 30, 2007

polar bear run/walk

So I signed up for this 5K fun run at work. Checking out the competition this morning, I was pretty sure I'd get the sweatshirt. (Sweatshirts were given to the top male and female finishers.) Over confidence never did anyone any good, or at least not me in this case. Crossing the finish line, I came in second at 31:21. For a 3.1 miler! I'd thought for sure I'd be in under 30. (There I go again!) Better luck tomorrow.

The refuel station wasn't half-bad with bananas, bagels, and hot apple cider (huh?). And no, there weren't any polar bears nor road guards dressed as polar bears; although, either would've made for quite an amusing run. But I did hear one lady say to her buddy, "she reminds me of that girl on Grey's Anatomy," as I ran by. I just might have to wear a polar bear suit myself next time.

**Correction: The fun run was called Frosty Bear and not Polar Bear as stated in yesterday's post. Below is the Frosty Polar Bear costume I will don for next year's run. 1-31-07**


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Cloromira for ever said...

Hi! I need a polar bear custome for an art show this September 27th. Do you think you could rent it out to me?
My e-mail address is scarpincha@hotmail.com
The art show is called Illussion 7 and it would be held at the Mission Cultural Center.
PLease, let me know!