Sunday, March 4, 2007

ray's the steaks

Restaurant Series # 2 Ray's the Steaks
Eaters: Leslie, Michael, Paul, Brian, Doug, Nat, and me

Seven-top at 6:30pm, had to be out by 8pm to make room for an eight-top. Everyone had to arrive on time, or they would give up our table. It was pretty chilly out that day so the girls huddled inside by the coat rack, making room each time someone left, came in, or searched for their coats. Michael finally gave in and joined us inside. We got seated by 7pm and the hostess made sure we knew we still had one and a half hours to finish our meal. Why how generous, thank you.

No decorations, no artwork. Just plain white walls with wooden tables and chairs, deli style silverware and paper menus stained with wine and meat drippings. Despite the fact they could be on the next episode of Restaurant Re-Design, Ray's is known for the quality of their meat available at a reasonable price. We all had great expectations.

Most of us started out with the crab bisque. Very creamy and crabby. Quite good, but could have tasted less of the cream. We ordered a bottle of pinot (pictured) to share. If you drank fast enough, you got seconds.

I chose the hanger steak, cooked medium. Written on the menu, their most flavorful cut of meat. A lean cut I might add; I think I will try a fattier cut of meat next time. We also had filet mignon, t-bone, and rib-eye among others on the table. Family style sides of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach were included with the order of a side of sauteed onions and steamed broccoli (which Michael ate all by himself.) A complimentary demitasse of hot chocolate followed. While the librarian figured out our tab, Leslie did tea readings with our dessert cups. Michael was to be the next Steve Erwin and Nat had screaming heads in her cup: Rock Star? Dentist? The next M. Night Shyamalan?

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed their steaks, but I don't think we were all "too" impressed. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty good steak. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it didn't live up to the hype; at least not for me, but a good time was had. Thanks gang, look forward to the next outing!

(Since Michael had the most recurring roles in this post, I feel it be most appropriate to include a photo. Eskimo Mike? I just had to, sorry B!)

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