Wednesday, March 21, 2007

filomena: health, wealth, and happiness

RS # 3: Filomena
Eaters: Doug, Nat, Michael, Brian, and me

Snow in mid-March? We must be in D.C. Amidst the freezing rain and sleet, the five of us crammed into a vee-dub chauffeured by Doug and made our way up to Georgetown. Walking into Filomena's was like stepping into Alice's wonderland. To the right, a pasta mamma was rolling out ravioli welcoming us into the rabbit hole. Literally. Down the steps, we check in at the front and wait by the dessert case. Delicious looking cakes were surrounded by Easter deco. On one side, a basket of eggs were flanked by rabbit guards and on the other, a basket full of babies wearing rabbit costumes riding on the back of a burro. It gets even creepier. The dining area is dark and cramped. (I got hit on the head by a waiter.) Hundreds of rabbit dolls hang from the ceiling by fishing string. We didn't know what to make of it other than the Italian Big Mamma must be into Easter decorations. I'm tempted to visit them again during Christmas.

But all was well as food was brought to the table. We got a carafe of Chianti Reserva and warm white, honey wheat, and ciabatta breads were served with a medley of fresh herbs and olive oil. I started off with mozzarella in carrozza; triangle-shaped fried mozzarella accompanied by the sweetest and most savory roasted cherry tomatoes. I opted for the ravioli di funghi for my entree. Mushroom and cheese stuffed ravioli with a light cream sauce of shiitake, tomatoes, and spinach. Dinner became family style with everyone sharing their dishes. The calamari was excellent; one of the best I've had yet. Slices of buffalo mozzarella and tomato topped with basil and olive oil, always a winner. Doug had the Festivale in Venezia: a seafood pasta with black fettuccine (I think they colored it with squid ink); Michael ordered the Lasagna alla Bolognese: served in the smallest dish on the table but good nonetheless; Brian was talking about roasted babies the entire car ride up so fittingly, he ordered the Vitello alla Filomena: veal scallopini with a marsala sauce, quite tasty; and Nat had the Gnocchi della Mamma: fluffy pillows of potatoes that melted in your mouth. The portions were huge so everyone took a doggie bag home. Complementary amaretto and sambuca arrived at our table in communal decanters as we finished up our meals. Anyone have room for dessert?

Raspberry Marquis

Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse

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