Saturday, October 25, 2008


Neon green ribbons tied in double-knotted bows trollied around the conveyor belt on my four pieces of luggage. Piled neatly on the luggage cart, I rolled out past the customs check of the Frankfurt Airport to spot my boss holding up a eight and a half by eleven with my name printed across the center. Wilkommen im Deutschland!

Fast forward 2 months. I pack my car with those very four suitcases and head down south to my new "home". I've been bumming around my temporary apartment for the past month and gearing up for a trip and move to my home for the next n years. Once I settle, I hope to get back to blogging. But with my track record, it may be an arm-twisting, near impossible feat. Let's hope I can surrender easily with being in a new environment, travel opportunities galore, and not to mention the dollar to euro exchange rate that'll most likely keep me cooking at home.
In the meantime, here are a few snap shots of what I've been up to in the last few months.

Thai food in Mehlingen. Yum woon sen that was tasty the following day for lunch, but nothing compared to Chuti's. I miss my old roomie's Thai cooking.
De Gregorio, Wiesbaden. A quaint little Italian restaurant on Frankfurterstr. Good food and pleasant service. "Mineral Wasser mit gasse, bitte" or just "Wasser."
A bowl of pho on a chilly day warmed me right up after a tour of Landstuhl's Sickingen castle. It was my second bowl of pho in Germany and I'll have to say it was quite good.

People watching with a cup of coffee in hand.

Making kimchi in my hotel room.

And yes, I have had some German food too. Schnitzel, kartofflen, bitburger, but no wurst yet. I'm well on my way towards my freshman fifteen.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get Pho in Landstuhl?